Sunday, November 8, 2009

A combined effort

Saturday night we still had some Pizza dough left over from the previous nights festivities. As in last week's attempt, the dough with the higher proportion of whole wheat did not rise in time for the main event- Luckily, to not disappoint my guests I knew that this was a distinct possibility, my daughter and I made a back up dough using less whole wheat flour. The "just in case" dough saved my butt and my guests not disappointed. 

But what to do with the remaining dough? After one too many glasses of wine my husband and I forgot about the dough rising in the back, it was left out over night. The next morning in a panic barely roused from bed I ran to check its progress. I was expecting the worst, a doughy gooey mess uncontainable by the bowl.  What I found was a nicely risen dough and that is when my husband and I hatched our plan. I gently punched it down and left it until later.

Ever since we got our latest and last issue of Gourmet Magazine my husband had been eyeing a particular Pizza Patate (p36)   a recipe by Jim Lahey and the author of my bread- The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method. We didn't need to use Lahey's particular dough recipe but my husband was just as eager to do the "potato pizza" part.The results were spectacular. The high whole wheat dough was perfect for this dish and due to the extra long ferment and rise, had a well developed crumb. I may even be as bold as to say that the whole wheat component may even be better suited to this dish as it gave a rich nutty flavour that was harmonious with the crispy potatoes and sweet onions; then again I will have to try a side by side.

As well as being an ideal autumn comfort meal, it is also a predominately local one. The potatoes are from one of the years last farmer's market, rosemary from our backyard and the whole wheat flour from the Urban Grains CSA.

Photo by me.

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