Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitsch in the Kitchen

I want to go back to school. Simple as that. Not today or even tomorrow but in the future. I still have a good year or so of intense stay at home mummy-hood. But I have started to think what can I do now to facilitate acceptance into a school and the program of my choice? No matter what I do, be it a regular MFA (Masters of Fine Art) or a MAT of A (Masters of Art Education), I will need a portfolio of recent work. 

What better way to kick off a new year than with a new challenge -  Do a series of 10 still life paintings combining childhood toy icons with vintage food recipes... duck l'orange anyone? 

The parameters: Kitsch in the Kitchen

  1. Given time constraints of my day and all of my other interests and the size of my house  I have to work some what small. 13'X17". 
  2. Storage is an issue, every nook and cranny in my house is already filled with baby paraphernalia, cooking equipment, and other crap, so supplies are limited. I will use water colours. They don't take up a lot of room and I can put then away when I am done. My theme Kitsch, is considered low brow art and water colours have a similar (even if it is undeserved) reputation.
  3. Cost. Vintage toys that are given to me or can be bought second hand and that I can then give away or back to their rightful owners.
  4. Time- just because we all work better under pressure, 3 months from February 1st to April 30th  May 31st.
  5. I will blog my progress.
This little guy is a silver duck that my grandmother gave me when I was first toy and the muse for this project. My sister in law wanted a duck painting for a wall above her staircase that is rather low (one has to duck under), so I volunteered my talents. While working on the drawing I started thinking about context and how would I represent the duck if the painting was for me? Could I put it on a platter with a bed of lettuce, place various vegetables around it and paint it as a roasted duck?

Now, if anyone has any fun suggestions, toys or recipes send them my way and in the meantime I will finish my sister in law's duck. If I deem any of my creations good, I just may do a give away when the project is completed and everything is documented. 

images by me.


  1. WOW! Love this project it's such a great idea. Can't wait to see what else you do. Hmmmm yes I like the giveaway idea very much. I want one :)

  2. Starting my first Kitsch in the Kitchen today... have to hustle if I want to get 10 done...



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