Thursday, February 4, 2010

The perfect Pizza

My husband and I are Pizza fanatics. We spend endless hours discussing, making and eating Pizza. If some one were to ask us what is your favourite Pizza the answer is always ours! Duh?! The best Pizza in the city? Ours, Duh?! Admittedly there are a couple of very close seconds (maybe ties) but they are not available in this city so our default pie, is indeed our own. Maybe I should be a little more modest, humble etc, but this after all is my blog and what I say here, goes. For some of my earlier musing on Pizza click here

I love the celebration of food, how it brings people together. I love the ritual of cooking and food, how when it is served with love and care it can be the best meal that you have ever eaten. I love that my passion for this medium can be detected and savoured. And if you ask me why I think my Pizza is the best it is for all of these reasons. 

It was during a family dinner that I discovered how fun mini Pizzas were. The babies loved them. They could make their own pizzas they way they like them and not fight over who got the bigger piece. I found that I could get more servings out of the same amount of dough, which meant that we were eating reasonable sized portions rather than gorging ourselves on every last sliced. And my biggest and possibly geekiest discovery of all was that the crust cooked better. The smaller cooking surface allowed it/them to cook faster (we already use as hot as oven as ours can handle including preheating with pizza stones). I got a charred bottom, golden melted cheese and , wait for it.... No sogginess! A nice stiff... um crust...
and good crumb!

photos by me.


  1. Hello, my name is Andrea and I'm a pizza addict...yours look AWESOME! Is your crust and sauce on the blog somewhere? It could be whats for dinner here :-)

  2. Hello Andrea, thank you for your comment. Feel free to follow, I talk about pizza a lot. I posted the recipe... my way of explain it may be confusing but if want to try it, email me and I may be able to help you through it.

  3. Hey you live in Vancouver!! Neat! You're right. No good pizza here.

  4. @Ashleigh, yes another Vancouverite!

    We have family in Bellingham WA so we travel there for our restaurant pies... Other than even if we go to a restaurant that sells pizza, we other things. Feel to check in every once in a while we eat a lot of homemade pizza.


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