Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Picking your Battles: A convenience story.

I don't really have fussy eaters, but like all kids they pick and choose what foods they like to eat and when. Sometimes it is nothing but PB and jelly sandwiches other times only bananas will do. On occasion Billie will eat nothing but the beans on her plate and leave the rice and vice versa. More often than not it is twin B, Elijah that is more particular. So today when the three of us were shopping to restock our refrigerator and shelves (we have been away for nearly two weeks) I was surprised when they requested hot dogs for lunch. They have only ever had them a handful of times in their three and a half years of life. 

The hot dogs that they requested were veggie dogs. As someone who eats a mostly vegetarian diet I am not all that fussed on replacing my proteins with faux meat products. I sometimes have a block of tofu or veggie/nut burgers around but they are not a substantial part of my diet. I tried to explain to Billie and Elijah that they were not "hot dogs" but then quickly realized; why? Hot dogs come in fun little hand held packets of bread, you can dress them up anyway you want and can be tailored to suit individual needs. For a parent, what's not to love?

The best thing about making them at home is that I can control the quality, cooking and toppings. 

Dogs in Pockets AKA the "Hot Dog"

The mummy version.

For best results, wieners the way you like them, fried, boiled, grilled in a lightly browned hot dog style bun, topped with condiments of your/their liking. 

I used whole wheat buns, veggie dogs, ketchup, mustard (yellow & brown seed), relish, grated 1 yr old cheddar cheese and sprouts (for me). 

As for the dog debate, real meat, meat replacement. I don't have the answer to that, just an opinion or two. I found a handy little comparison here, of course it is just one companies comparison so take it with a grain of salt. When I buy meat products for my family in general I look for sustainably raised, antibiotic free, hormone free and absolutely must not have the phrase "may contain". The latter goes for vegetarian "organic" convenience products as well. Most of all, all types of dogs are an occasional food in our house.

photos by me, greedily eaten by my children.


  1. look like pretty healthy hot dogs to me lol

  2. Shhh... the kidlets don't know that. They think they are getting a treat.



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