Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Dinner Party and you are invited.

After giving it some thought I have decided to give my Kitsch in the Kitchen project it's very own dining room. Please join me there to learn more about how the project is going. It will highlight my art and crafts for this project and more on my journey to becoming a better artist. Though my family will probably sneak into this new site it will mostly be about me. I know I may not end up updating it as often because really, as a mother who has time for 'me' with dinner's laundry and groceries to be done? Here is a sample of my progress: You can RSVP at Kitsch in the Kitschen.
Don't worry if you miss out I will still be creating meals and family memories here.

image by me.


  1. I agree. Never enough "me time" -- dinner, laundry, groceries, and more. I often think I'm the only one that experiences this, and the rest of the world has their act together. So not true. Always have to remind myself that most mothers are in the same boat. I guess that is the reason why "me time" is so special and so important to all of us. We must use it wisely. So good to relate to you. Victoria

  2. Thanks for following me at Kitsch in the Kitchen. It is so encouraging to hear from other mothers on the subject of me time.



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