Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going On Vacation.

What's wrong with me, why the slacking? Other than my apron venture which is consuming way more time than I thought I have also been gearing up for vacation. That's right fam and I are getting on a plane and travelling to Mexico for a wedding. No, before you have visions of margarita's on the beach- we are taking the children.

Speaking of children- I just wanted to share this little tid bit. This is one of the way I get my tots to eat some less than exciting food. It is all about empowering them and one trick is to make it fun.

See you in a couple of weeks.

photos by me, models the tots!


  1. Happy vacation......,,,,,enjoy your time in Mexico !!!!

    Manny manny hugs from me.........Ria

  2. Viva Mexico! Travelling with the nippers is hard work but no doubt will still be good fun for you all. See you on your return darling.

  3. how fun... enjoy your trip and share them when you come back... have fun and stay safe!

  4. we're back! So inspired to cook!

  5. I LOVE the little doggie creamer!! Where did you find that?!

  6. @Stacey- I got them from a store in Vancouver's Yaletown... they don't have a branding on the bottom but I found a link to for some that look identical , cheers.



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