Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shucking corn by the Tots...

A simple little look into how they mimic me. They know that I peel the husks back but they don't know why or how but they get that it needs to be done. This was a fun and simple way to include them in the dinner process even if I had to finish it it off. Their favourite way of eating the corn is on the cob and our favourite preparation is on the bbq with the silks removed incased in the husks, baked until black and kernels are kissed with colour.  Butter, salt, and pepper for the tots and ground up dried chili powder for my husband and I.... Nothing beats corn in the late summer months.


  1. favourite as well...if you like chili powder on your corn, try making a sauce with mayo, lime juice, chili powder, and a bit of S&P...learned this in Mexico when I was 18 and it has stuck with me since because it is so awesome.

  2. I love corn too-the best bit is that hubby doesn't like it as much as I do so I get more! Isn't that terrible? :P

  3. yep your right can't beat good fresh corn

  4. Yup corn, can't beat it... babies love it...



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