Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making Cheese Omelettes with babies in the morning...

I probably won't blog about every meal but for now I am trying to build momentum.

This morning's omelettes were a hit. Why? Why not just crawl out of bed, throw some sort of cold cereal on the table and let the babies fend for themselves? Because I want them to be a part of the process and when we can and when we have time we should make that extra effort to do just a little bit better. Truth to be told it probably didn't take that much longer in the long run because they ate their eggs faster than they would have a cold cereal. The three of us made the eggs together and the three of us ate the eggs sitting down together at the table.

As the babies have become mobile and less containable, we have been content to let them just graze their dinner, we have felt that it was better that they eat something rather than fighting with them and eating nothing. We always put out a variety of foods, and have started designing our own meals that way. For a while this has worked and they have eaten several different types of healthy foods but now they are starting to show more and more preferences for the sweeter, salty and more processed items. We have never been junk food, fast food eaters, and tend to stick to a whole food diet but I can see how this mode of eating could start a trend in the opposite direction. We have started to negotiate with them to eat three, two, one bite(s) so that they get the treat after dinner. And they always eat the treat.

That is why this morning's eggs were a hit. We had a three egg & cheese omelette and the babies helped with nearly every step. This is what I learned from this mornings adventure
1) Participation is key.
  • even if they can't crack the eggs yet, let them count them out.
  • measure out ingredients and let them add them, ie. pinch the Salt and Pepper
  • babies make great stirrers, it is not rocket science and chances are they have seen you do it several times.
  • let them try stuff, I let them grate the cheese, (kind of) their muscles are not strong or coordinated enough and I ultimately did the work but letting them try gave them confidence.
2) It's funny when mummy flips the omelette onto the floor but that gives them the chance to practice their new skills all over again.

3) Babies love garnishes, letting them add the finishing touches gives them possession of their creation.

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  1. Sounds like fun! We cook a lot with our daughter, too. For a while, every Sunday dinner had an "Iron Chef" element. She chose a secret ingredient, she and and either my husband or I would each have to come up with a fabulous dish using said ingredient, and the other parent was the judge. Needless to say, she didn't lose often. We want to encourage her love of cooking, and are nothing if not indulgent!



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