Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kimchi experiment

This recipe promises to be a "probiotic powerhouse" that "stave(s) of colds and flu". I don't really believe that but the image in the magazine that I copied the recipe from looks great.

Instead of letting the cabbage and daikon soak 6- to 12hrs as suggested by the recipe I let them ferment for nearly two days, covered in a cool place. The reason for this was because halloween interrupted my method and the kimchi experiment was moving down the priority list. The Pizza I had planned to make the night before all hallow's eve did not rise and was put back into the fridge to ferment another day. I spent the day re-gathering ingredients for pizza and costuming my three yr olds as a princess and a pirate.

I kept an eye on my experiment to see if I should continue or abandon. After the first 24hrs the cabbage was still firm and colourful but extremely smelly; so smelly in fact that all the persons in my household and guest, looked at one another to determine the source of the stench. I figure the covered concoction, much like a witches brew would last another few hours. I did not get to it until the next morning as the night before was all about trick or treating, eating pizza, and doling out candy.

I continued with the recipe as per the instructions- kinda. I determined after much googling that Korean chili powder is regular chili powder, just a slightly coarser texture. I may be wrong but I think my combination of regular chili powder and macerated dried chilis should do the trick or at the very least give it a smokey heat. I will now store it for 2-3 days and then savour. 
photos by me


  1. Kimchi is absolutely the cure all. I eat it with Quinoa when I want something warm and comforting in my belly. The one thing I was happy to find in Kentucky was an asian market just minutes from my house. A sigh of relief in the form of decaying Veg. YUM! :) You have inspired me to try and make my own.

  2. Oh this is an awesome!! Thanks for swinging in to Just Another Meatless Monday



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