Wednesday, December 9, 2009

C is for Cookie and D is for December pt 1

Put the two together and what do you get? Gingerbread Men. In my attempt to do something fun with the babies and possibly distract them from watching Sesame Street .... again (nothing against Sesame Street but we don't have cable so we tend to watch the same DVD's over and over again). I started a 'fun' little project. If all goes well every one can expect home made cookies for Christmas love the babies.

Part one is getting everything ready and making the cookie dough. To make this as simple and kid friendly as could be I prepped and pre-messured all of my ingredients. Not as easy as it sounds. Being the good "little helpers" they are, they wanted to be involved in every step. Here they are grinding my spices for me. The thing about 3 yr  olds and maybe is especially true for twins is that the other one wants what the other one has and when it involves bashing a ceramic ball  inside an 'egg' this is particularly true. The egg is Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker which for moments like these is 'fun' little toy.

With ingredients measured the 'fun' really started. Even the sheep simply named Sheep; helped. After much laugher, some giggles (thanks Sheep) and a few tears, we had dough... It is safely resting in the fridge until part 2, rolling cutting and baking.

photos by me.

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