Thursday, December 10, 2009

C is for Cookie and D is for December pt 2

Part 2, rolling, cutting and baking. Sounds nice doesn't it? After dinner cookies maybe? Maybe? 

The Men in Gingerbread Men never materialized, instead I used some funky fun animal cutters that I got at IKEA.  While I was fighting with the dough and repeating under my breath through gritted teeth, "just let it go"  the cutters made great toys and led to uses other than cutting. Apparently they were air bound?! 

This was a great exercise in patience and I had to enlist my ceramics motto "just let it go". As a potter many vessels never come to fruition. Each is peril prone from conception to end. The clay is too wet, too dry, it gets dropped from wheel to kiln, and kiln to shelf, so if a piece breaks it is good to have a relaxed attitude. Firstly my dough was too cold (my fridge sometimes mysteriously gets turned down... little hands, maybe?) then once it warmed up it was too dry and cracked as I rolled. Once I managed to get cuts made they stuck to the floured parchment paper. In a hurried state to keep the little ones interested I forgot to re-cool the dough before I moved my pristinely cut animals. Lastly freshly baked, a porcupine and snail hit the floor.

Next we have to decorate them. My husband and I are still fighting about Ziplock bags vs Piping bags. Once that is resolved our forestry fellows will be gussied up.

photos by me.


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