Tuesday, December 15, 2009

C is for Cookie and D is for December pt 4

I found another use for my cookie cutters. I thought I would have some more fun with the forestry fellows and use them as stencils for Christmas cards. I put it out there to my friends that if they emailed me their mailing addresses I would send them a card made by me. This project was inspired by two things, my husband and I noticed that no one sends us cards anymore (theoretically because we don't send them either) and two CBC radio had a snippet about ecards. I didn't hear the  full episode but I could only imagine that the christmas card exchange has only diminished since more and more people are turning to everything web based. So here is my little contribution to the handmade movement. If any one else is interested in my experiment please send me your address through my contact and I will mail you a christmas card. Don't worry, I will not use your address for any other purpose, sell or give it to anyone. This is just for some christmas cheer!

photo by me.
drawings by me.

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