Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let me introduce my new sous chef.

My husband treated himself to an iphone right after he got himself a new ipod touch so guess who inherited that? Yup thats right, and I sent my new nano off to a sister in-law.  I never really got what was the big deal. I only used my nano for music on plane trips (average once a year), listened to podcasts of yoga classes at relatives houses and kept a handful of baby photographs for the curious. Other than that I didn't know where it was half the time.  

So when my husband gave me his barely used touch (less then a week old) he introduced me to apps. Oh my god, how did I live with out this technology before? Sometimes when I need a quick recipe idea I turn the ipod on and voila. I still don't use it for music, but now I cook with it.

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