Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A recipe for disaster...

The first time  I found a crayon in the dryer I nearly had a melt down. With toddlers in the house all sorts of things end up in the washing machine & dryer; crayons- melt, chalk- dusts, little men- lose the paint off their smiles and dimes make a hell of a noise. Today I found a tightly folded piece of paper, a recipe for something. Paper can some times be the worst, it shreds and scatters and I am left picking tiny pieces of paper from all of our clothes!  Yuck, more work on laundry day.


  1. :(

    I have washed and dried quite a few weird and nasty things too - candy, crayons, rocks, kleenex, and most unfortunately, a few of my husband's pagers. Oops. I also once found a completely dehydrated/mummified tree frog underneath a pile of laundry waiting to be washed - ew.

  2. I swore up and down once that I did not wash my husband's wallet. I did, but in my defence should I be going through his pockets before laundry day?



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