Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jamie's Food Revolution.

There has been a lot of talk about Jamie Oliver's latest project : Revolutionizing how American's eat one meal at a time. At first I was skeptical, Oliver has a bit of a pompous reputation, he talks the talk but does he walk the walk or does he flit about on his tiny scooter?

Most of got to know him as the ultra cool young bloke on The Naked Chef and through his first couple of best seller books. I for one bought them. My husband I were newly back to North America, setting up  our own home and starting our love affair with food. We couldn't afford to eat out at the places we wanted to so we turned to home cooking and Jamie's approach meshed with our style. As the years progressed he transformed himself from fun loving guy with a Smeg refrigerator to a hard-nosed mentor to 15 troubled students learning to cook.  We started to see his philosophy about food emerge and as it grew so did his persona. He continued to show us his fun side as well as the passionate driven entrepreneur.

All the while he had a plan, in addition to growing his empire, books, tv shows, blog, magazine, etc he was was starting a movement. He convinced the British Parliament to inject millions of pounds into the school lunch programme, his school/restaurant has churned out graduate after graduate of unlikely cooks and he started to teach people to cook for themselves at home with the theory if you could teach one person one recipe they could pass it on.

In Jamie's Words from his newest book Jamie's Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals.
"I need you to get personally involved in pass it on by pledging to learn just one recipe from each chapter of the book. Master these in your own home first, and then pass it on by teaching at least two people (preferably four) how to cook them too...Then, most importantly, you need to get your  [friends] to promise that they'll pass it on to more people and then get those people to pass it on and on and on.... It's easy"
I took this pledge, but instead of one person, two people/four I decided to share it on my blog one day a week for the next 14 weeks*, one recipe from each chapter of Food Revolution. I am hoping that if you take the pledge with me that you will pass it on, to your friends. I would like to start a link up of each other's blogs and comments about this experience (anybody have any ideas on how to do that let me know).

I am not going to do the recipes in any particular order and I will post the first one tomorrow... I already have a recipe picked out that I am familiar with!

Right then, lets get cooking.

*excluding vacation time, I have to go sit on the beach and drink Mai Tais in Mexico with the fam.

photos by me... watching my own empire grow,
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  1. Great idea.
    Are you suggesting we pass on the same recipe you post or do we pick our own from his book? And/Or can we add a Healthy recipe we have in our apron?

    So how do we link up? I want to do it no matter how you set it up.

  2. I love this idea! I'm game :) I have absolutely no help on the link up is not my strong suit...

  3. @ Little T, My idea is to cook one recipe, I pass it on to you and then you pass it on to someone else- kinda like chain mail.

    @Great Andrea, made my first meal last night and when my children give me a few solid minutes I will post it.

    Now to figure out how to link our experiences together...

  4. Great idea, I've watched all of Jamie's Revolution shows and love his attitude about food.

    Tag me when you've posted so I can check out the recipes.



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