Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jour Du Macaron!

My first experiences with macarons were of the North American variety, sickly sweet mounds of shaved coconut, which is good for some (like my husband) but not for me. So for years I ignored anything with the word macaron in it, thus missing out on a whole different treat.

Then one day I had an awe inspiring moment, the one where the clouds separated and the sun shines down on you. It happened in Napa Valley, my husband surprised me with a three day vacation to San Francisco, a first for me in so many regards. It was our first time in SF, my first time away from my young infants and the first time we had ever had a chance to go to California's wine country. It was during the wine touring that we stopped at a little place for lunch in Yountville- Bouchon, where I had one of the best meals of my life. Not wanting it to end we decided to grab a sweet treat from the Bouchon bakery next door. And that is when I saw my first real (yes, I used the word real, I don't know what came first, but I will never go back) Macarons. I was dumfounded, what were these sweet delectable cookies in intriguing colours? We bought several and fed them to each other as we drove through the surrounding country side, savouring every morsel of the ethereal delicacy.

Sadly I did not find out that it was Jour Du Macaron until two days before. I have been wanting to make them on my own (another first) and this would have been a good excuse, but it never came together. With a heavy heart I reconciled myself to a macaron-less day. However the same day I found out about Macaron day was the same day I found out that March 20th was also the date for a local Baker's Market- a farmers market for bakers! I didn't put the two and two together, and well I should have. Macron day was saved! There in the first case I saw were piles of raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, lemon and mint cookies. I literally 'B' lined to them dragging my young son with me where the vendor gave me kudos for knowing that it was Macaron day. Why wouldn't the world celebrate a day like  this?

Thank you Sweet Thea for saving Jour Du Macaron for me. I bought 5, one each of the varieties in a cute little travel box that allowed them to make it home one one piece. Especially amazing considering my three year old insisted on carrying the box! They were sweet, flavourful and light. I have no idea why anyone would want to eat those leaden globs of coconut that call themselves macarons (maybe the spelling is different and that is why?).

photo by me.


  1. Si vous aimez macaron ... Vous allez adorer ma journée macaron français avec Pierre Hermé et Ladurée ...

  2. I just love proper macaroons....delightful. Glad you got to taste the real stuff...looks yummy!

  3. Sweet Thea is great she did some macaroons for my wedding last year, I've been wanting to make them myself for a while now but have been a little turned off since macaroon frenzy hit the world of food blogging. ha!

  4. Those macarons look awesome: love all the bright colors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Btw, I have a twin sister. So it's so cool that you have twins of your own :)

  5. Olga @ MangoTomato, love your blog title... sucker for anything with Tomato in it!

  6. Thanks so much for the follow request on Twitter and I'm following you back. Can't wait to discover your blog. But I also want to invite you to join us over on our new blog Mactweets which we created as a virtual kitchen dedicated to the French macaron - we all get together every month and bake macs together. We all started this journey as mac virgins and some of us are still finding our "feet". We'd love to have you join us!

  7. @Jamie, Thank you... I will join you there, the French macaron is high on my list of foods to conquer- umm I mean create.

  8. So true! There is a big difference in one letter isn't there! :P

  9. I love the colours of those macarons! I've been flirting with the idea of making them for about half a year now, but still fear taking the plunge - all that fear over two almond meringue discs and a smear of ganache or buttercream! But they are so beautiful....



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