Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A photo album of what chaos looks like.

As a parent I want to find more activities for my children to do. So a couple months ago I signed up for two meetup groups in my area. They send out invites and suggestions of places where parents can gather and let their children romp.

I must admit I have only attended one of these events. For some reason I just don't have the time, between laundry, meals, house cleaning et al I never get beyond my regular routine. But when I do it is very nice to enjoy good company and meet other parents like me.

Suzanne who is the  trailblazer for Vancouver Toddlers and Parents  specifically organizes a meetup for new members of her group at the  Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. This was just the push I needed to make the time to follow through with my commitment to meet new people and give my children the opportunity to play with other kids their age! As a bonus we got to eat fresh local food in a kid friendly atmosphere. Rocky Mountain has a great kids play area and believes in  a sustainable menu.

Thank you Suzanne for creating and having the time to organize such a fabulous event. And Thank you to all the other mothers who made it a fun play date. The sangria helped *wink*!

Suzanne a.k.a the organizer lady!

photos by me. Logo for Suzanne's meetup group http://www.parentsandtoddlers.com.

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