Monday, April 26, 2010

Hen House

Yesterday most of my sisters in law, myself and my husband's father's wife (yes it is confusing but aren't all families?) made an 10 hr drive roundtrip out to Eastern Washington to welcome the newest sister in law to the family.  This is the first wedding shower I have ever been to. I didn't even have a Hen Party 12 years ago when I got married (what a bad call that was, you should've of seen the loot). We played games, we drank some wine, we ate some cake and then as a parting gift we were given some eggs.

I am going to call these eggs, Eggs On Steroids, which ironically they weren't. They are free range, naturally fed, mix breed, well loved and taken care of Chickens that made these eggs. What a difference an environment makes! The yokes are even more vibrant and larger than the organic, cage free ones I get in the supermarket (hmm, makes you wonder?). The colours of the shells were amazing, ranging from dark brown, light pink and varying shade of turquoise. I even got to meet the birds briefly (they were a little overwhelmed  and a little shell shocked by the army of Carroll's touring their homestead).

What better way than to wrap up a celebration of new beginnings, with the ultimate symbol of new beginnings, new life and well (no pressure) fertility.

photos by me...


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always. :)

    Congrats on your new sister-in-law!

  2. yeah those are so gorgeous! I love my egg layers, we only partially free range though we have bald eagles who LOVE us for snack time. Wait till you make a frittata or an omelet the color will blow you away!

  3. Beautiful shots! Its those stunning eggs that make me want backyard chickens even more! :)

  4. Turquoise shells? WOW! I thought you could only get that with PAAS. LOL!

    Glad your day was fun.

  5. Ack these eggs look amazing!! Been looking all over Vancouver for some like this, I've resigned to the fact that I'm probably going to have to get a chicken or two.

  6. Too cool! I have a co-worker who raises chickens ( i keep meaning to do a post). I buy eggs from her every week. The eggs are stunning the same shades of pink and turquoise that you were describing. I have become such an egg snob (laugh).

    Congrats on welcoming your new sister in law into the family. Your pre-wedding party sounds like it turned really well.

  7. sounds like a lovely time! gorgeous spring eggs and fantastic shots :)

  8. Thank you everybody for your compliments! I love taking photographs more than I thought (I was of the school the digital killed photography, but I am coming around). 2nd, Natalie, my neighbour was saying she saw some at the market- I will clarify which one and let you know!



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