Friday, April 16, 2010

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As it is friday and  the theme of the day is following, I am playing along with Housewife Bliss's Blog Hop. I had considered writing a whole other post and sharing another blissful meal, but I already have the perfect Friday night meal here.  What better way then to spend the night with your family around a warm hearth baking pizza and sharing a meal made with love. Top it off with a nice bottle of wine and set the tots in front a movie and just bask in the glow of family.... plus mummy and daddy may be allowed to have an entire conversation with out being interrupted.

In the meantime I will keep my children in the nest! OK it is not a nest but we were at the park the other day and some had built this fascinating structure from fallen twigs!

Housewife Bliss has many many more tips on all things domestic and diva!

photos by me, image from housewife bliss!


  1. I love the pizza tip. My toddler just learned to say it. Pretty soon he will be asking for it. :)

  2. Just got your DM, have been swamped with dull relocation chores.... so glad you got the link to work, I do not have the nesting image linked as I am not really that savvy (aka have no idea how to create a button link).
    ...more pressing matters, I LOVE the twig tent, amazing! My boys would smash it, my daughter would spend hours in there building a little nest of her own. I want one. Thanks so much for hopping along.

  3. Fab Nest Friday Blog hop Stopping by.

    Hi there. Love the Nest. I would have definitely been in there making a nest of my own too. Homemade pizza night is such a fun thing.

  4. Couldn't help chuckling at the pic of your boy. So cute. I have a few philosophies in life. One of them is, "Anything with cheese!"

  5. Oops! Forgot to wish you a Happy Fab nest Friday!

  6. oh a wigwam! we have one in the woods and the guys sleep outside in it while I camp inside! SCORE!!

  7. @The Shiny Pebble, It is great food for toddlers, they can even help assemble it!

    @Housewife Bliss, Yup got it figured out! My son started to bash it...we had a talk about how it was for the neighbourhood...

    @Little T, I want one in my back yard!

    @Herself, Thanks for stopping by, had fun with the Fab Nest Hop!

    @Laura, next thing is to learn how to build one for my own backyard.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic Friday night in :D And wow, that nrahc structure is quite amazing!

  9. hey darling, are you on board for this friday?

  10. @Housewife Bliss, we will play along this friday!



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