Friday, August 27, 2010

It has been some time since I...

Well that is a pretty bold statement and there are a lot of things that I haven't done in some time but my biggest concern is the family food situation. Since moving to my father's both my husband and myself have just not been making inspiring meals. We thought that our island life would be quaint and quiet. Though nightfall brings absolute stillness and darkness our days have been anything but. I am sewing like a madwoman (working on Kitsch in the Kitchen), children are exploring their new environment and my husband is commuting back and forth between mainland and our island sanctuary, a 5 hr trip door to door.

Tonight is one of those calms before the storm- Tomorrow I have the fall fair where I am going to hawk my sewn wares. Sunday I am driving and literally ferrying my children to the washington coast to spend time with the Aunties and Uncle. Monday heading to the big smoke to have dinner, date, birthday celebration for my husband.... and..... Tuesday going to Prague for a week (baby free vacation). Oh but it doesn't end there, because we have to do most of that in reverse to get back to our island... This is not busy work, most of it (if not all) is self inflicted but when I write it out like this, it appears to be slightly daunting...

So tonight I will cook a quality meal for my children and I!

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