Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Spaghetti in Squash

Last week I did some pretty intense travelling. First my family and I camped out in a hotel in Vancouver in order for me to get a medical examination (I am in the process of applying for a green card so my husband can work in the States for a few years: Did I mention he got a job at Harvard?). Then I had to fly to Montreal for an immigration interview. For those of you in know, yes there is a consulate in Vancouver and yes that is where I first applied. Go figure, it has to be done that way so that is the way I did it. All the while eating a pretty heavy diet punctuated by some awesome meals.

Tofu hollowed out with shredded carrot, wrapped in 
nori, encrusted with panko crumbs on a bed of red and soy beans in an orange sugar glaze at
Accords In Montreal

First in Vancouver my husband and I went to Vij's with a dear friend, then in Montreal after my interview I found a nice quiet restaurant to dine alone Accords and then again in Vancouver before the tots and I headed back to Pender Island I hit up another quiet spot Gaia.

Roasted Garlic Polenta filled with goat cheese, honey, pear and arugula, served with a side salad of mixed organic greens at Gaia in Vancouver

It is no surprise today that I walked by a Spaghetti Squash and said to myself I must have that. I was in an all veggie mood and inspired by the spaghetti in Spaghetti Squash I decided to make myself a nice vegetarian dish. This can be made vegan by altering the simple tomato sauce recipe (use olive oil instead of butter) and leaving the parmesan cheese garnish off and replace with some crispy mushrooms (do the same, use all neutral oil instead of butter). For the squash I sliced it in half removed the seeds, guts and rubbed a bit of olive on the firm flesh then roasted it in a low oven for an hour. Then scooped out the insides trying to keep the integrity of the spaghetti like strands. I then put the flesh in a bowl covered with tinfoil to steam back in the warm oven*.

When the sauce was done I ladled it over the Spaghetti Squash and garnished with grated parmesan cheese and fresh basil.

The ease and slow cooking of this recipe/method allowed me to undo one weeks of dirty laundry!

photos by me.

*Turn it off or keep on low depending on how long until you use it.


  1. That is quite an adventure you've been on!! Beautiful food Megan!! I love the spaghetti squash recipe. I have 20+ spaghetti squashes from my garden this year and no idea how to use them LOL! Good luck on the green card and congrats to your hubby!

  2. You are just too talented! I am hearing more and more about this delightful squash, I am going to give your recipe a go. Hope you can stop by on the 4th and link up to the graduation party.

  3. Thank Ladies, I hope I can @Housewife Bliss but things have been crazy... keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. This will all work out. I know it can be crazy stressful. However, the food on this stressful journey looks awesome.

    I have yet to try the spaghetti squash. I know it can be used as base for sauces, etc with virtually no calories and tons of vitamins. You are inspiring me.

    btw, way cool! A job with Harvard.

  5. wow congrats to your hubby and the move to America, I understand the whole Green card thing I am an immigrant here as well, don't let that put you it works out in the end as Velva says, great recipe - oh I have friend who studied in Harvard if you need tips drop me a line

    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

  6. Thank you ... we are going apartment hunting next week... back on a plane...

  7. Nice! this Spaghetti is looking really testy! I will must try it at my Home!
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  8. Wow! this is a wonderful recipe. Very healthy recipe. :) i love squashes and pasta and it's very wonderful see my fave foods come together! great job!

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